Rock Climbing

One to one

This can be one to one coaching, helping to develop your climbing, and give the coaching that’s right for you, or rock climbing guiding so just get out climbing on some of the amazing rock this area has to offer.

Intro to sports climbing

Perfect for people new to climbing or leading outdoors, offering an intro to sports climbing. We can teach you all the skills you need to get on the rock, this is a great course for people looking to move from indoor to leading sports climbs outside.


For people who already have the knowledge to lead sports climb, but want help moving on their climbing grade or confidence on the rock.

Climbing holiday

Climbing is a great way to see the area. We can show you the best areas, some that aren’t in the guidebooks yet, help select venues and routes that are right for you to give you a great climbing experience.


If you have never climbed before we can give you a great introduction, climbing on top ropes, learning to belay and gaining experience of this amazing sport.