French Alpine classics

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French Alpine classics
Run in conjunction with Kayaking in the Southern French Alps in the Ecrins area. 

This course is for intermediate white water kayakers that want to paddle under guidance and receive coaching to tackle Grade 2-4 white water rapids. 

With so many types of rivers on the doorstep of the Ecrins mountains there is great white water and weather to provide a great location for your course. 

Over the six days you will cover tactical moves, a safety module, and freestyle on the river. As well as this you will kayak and enjoy the scenic gorges and snow capped mountains around you.

  • Personal paddling skills
  • Rescue skills
  • River reading
  • Leadership & group skills
  • Rescue situations
  • WWSR course
  • Personal development
  • Coaching

this course is full board see for more details


  • Duration: 6 days kayaking
  • Location: Haute Alpes
  • Price: £800 per-person


There are no scheduled dates for this course at the moment. Get in touch to book one.