Sports climbing holiday durance valley

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Sports climbing holiday durance valley
Form the main Durance valley there are over 80 sports crags many with more than one sector, climb the durance valley is a sports climbing holiday, aimed at getting as much climbing in as possible, with a coach and instructor that know the area and climbing sites like the back of their hand, you will be able to explore some of the amazing venues, try out the many rock types on offer here, from limestone, Granite, Conglomerate and Quartzite, in the stunning setting of the haute alpes.
  • Lots of climbing.
  • Wide range of venues and rock types.
  • Coaching and pointers.
Pre requisites: must already be able to lead as a sports climber and competent belayer.

This course is 1:6 ratio staff to clients, the price is based on just the activity, I can help you arrange accommodation and travel and a full package price will be coming very soon.

please contact me for further details.


  • Duration: 6 days climbing
  • Location: Haute Alpes
  • Price: from £300/€390 per-person


There are no scheduled dates for this course at the moment. Get in touch to book one.